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THE GOOD TALK by Flavor News

Additionally, please visit to see how it all began, photos, awards, etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enlighten the world with the combination of our GOOD NEWSpaper, and a TALK SHOW.  Additionally, we offer an array of quality services: Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Virtual Journalism Training for KIDS, 

and a Photography Studio! 

Who We Are?

Flavor News has been in business since 2010, published three (3) newspapers: Flavor News, Northside Vibes, and to-date GOOD NEWS USA. 

We have successfully launched over 100 monthly issues 

since 2014 and still going strong!

What We Do?

Our main focus today is to continue writing, creating and publishing GOOD NEWS USA offering advertising for everyone! Additionally, we're the newspaper with a talkshow (currently working on recording and launching 

Face Book "live" shows and podcasts).

All GOOD News... Yes!

Business News

We will be conversing with business owners learning all about their entrepreneurial journeys and 

great services.

World News

Yes! Let's talk about what's going on in TODAY'S WORLD. 

We call it the 


Technology News

What's the latest technology? 

Let's compare how things were done back then and now TODAY.

Yes! Times have really changed!

Health News

Let's get back in shape, eat healthy, and keep up with the latest health news--including COVID-19, RSV, Flu, and addiction.